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Pendants designed by Jimmy Marble and Kathryn Bentley.

During my wife Jesse’s almost two year battle with her lymphoma, I found myself wandering around hospitals in a state of mantra. Just offering prayer after prayer to <you name it>. My prayers were simple and repetitive. Peace Now. Relief. Oh My God. And lots and lots of others. I am going to be searching for ways to express and memorialize those two years for the rest of my life, but making a prayer necklace to honor those simple hopes felt like a very safe place to begin.

I remember learning about St Christopher pendants in high school when I surfed for the first time on the Oregon coast. It lit up a part of my imagination thinking about this thing worn around a neck could offer protection and safety if you spoke to it. I love magic like that.

So, with the guidance and patience and collaboration of my friend (and Jesse’s favorite jewelry designer ever) Kathryn Bentley, we made three prayer pendants to celebrate Jesse. She would have been 43 today, and these are for her.

Oh Baby!

images for the photo editing preset company OH BABY! 

produced by Vacation Theory, styled by Turner Turner, props by Master Plan LA, and HMU by Alix Youngblood



Shot by The Marbles

Hair by Chanel Crocker, Makeup by Stephanie Nicole Smith, Styling by Jordy Sheinberg, prop styling by Art Depot LA

for Hello.Me

The Dunes

Styling by Jordy Sheinberg, Makeup by Suzie K, one man army Shawheen Keyani