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“Cling to Love” by The Subs

June 2014

Featuring Angela Trimbur and Graham Becket

Director: Jimmy Marble
Producer: Sage Price
Executive Producers: Jett Steiger and Lana Kim
Production Company: Ways & Means
Production Coordinator: Jake Breslaurer
DP: Eli Goldstein
Production Designer: Aron Filkey
Hair/Makeup: Sabrina Wilson
Stylist: Georgia Stockwell
1st AC: Erin Douglas
2nd AC: Skylar Boccio
Gaffer: Alvin Octoman
Key Grip: Joeseph Wagoner
Production Assistants: Lani Trock
On site chef: Colin Kohler
Colorist: Danny Reams

Lani Trock, Jake Breslaurer, and Joeseph Wagoner as the cloaked figures

Coming Soon! Avocado Afternoon!

Just finished the music video for “Avocado Afternoon,” by Diva this past weekend.  I’m really excited about this music video I directed, you guys. If you like color, magic, dreams, and reallllllllly textured, slowed down music, you have tons to look forward to with Avocado Afternoon.

It’s coming out soon!  I’ll keep you posted.