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beach party!

really inspired by American International’s Beach Party.  check out these stills.  the colors! the bodies! it’s like everything’s a prop.  i can’t get enough of it. plus the music was great.

life’s a beach

Yesterday during a big beach day, Heather surprised us all by pulling out this amazing missoni pelisse. I snapped these on the walk back to the car.  I like how surreal, found, and voyeuristic these pictures are.

best of 2011: movies and music

i’m not one to call favorites, but this year’s special because people made something that combines everything i’ve ever wanted into one.  Just watch 3:02-3:04; see how much she means it.

interesting fact: in 2011, solange knowles mentioned to me she thinks i have fantastic hair.  “i was going to say the same thing,” i told her, “but about your face.”  i was amazed at how easily she smiled and rolled her eyes at the same time.