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Coming Soon! Avocado Afternoon!

Just finished the music video for “Avocado Afternoon,” by Diva this past weekend.  I’m really excited about this music video I directed, you guys. If you like color, magic, dreams, and reallllllllly textured, slowed down music, you have tons to look forward to with Avocado Afternoon.

It’s coming out soon!  I’ll keep you posted.

banners -> screen prints

I’m teaming up with my friends at Reform School to do a series of limited run screen prints based on my canvas banners.  I’m excited because it will make my banners a little more affordable for everyone to buy, but also because it’s Reform School’s first foray into wholesale retailing.  You won’t have to travel to Silverlake to buy one!  Or log onto the internet!  You could buy one in your own city!  Probably!