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Pendants designed by Jimmy Marble and Kathryn Bentley.

During my wife Jesse’s almost two year battle with her lymphoma, I found myself wandering around hospitals in a state of mantra. Just offering prayer after prayer to <you name it>. My prayers were simple and repetitive. Peace Now. Relief. Oh My God. And lots and lots of others. I am going to be searching for ways to express and memorialize those two years for the rest of my life, but making a prayer necklace to honor those simple hopes felt like a very safe place to begin.

I remember learning about St Christopher pendants in high school when I surfed for the first time on the Oregon coast. It lit up a part of my imagination thinking about this thing worn around a neck could offer protection and safety if you spoke to it. I love magic like that.

So, with the guidance and patience and collaboration of my friend (and Jesse’s favorite jewelry designer ever) Kathryn Bentley, we made three prayer pendants to celebrate Jesse. She would have been 43 today, and these are for her.

Oh Baby!

images for the photo editing preset company OH BABY! 

produced by Vacation Theory, styled by Turner Turner, props by Master Plan LA, and HMU by Alix Youngblood


Red Means Go


Los Angeles Master Chorale

New Mood

If You’re Ready

IF YOU’RE READY from jimmy marble on Vimeo.

Coincidences! Love! An anonymous package! A dreamy journey through Los Angeles!

written and directed by Jimmy Marble
director of photography: Julian Kapadia
edited by Casey Swoyer
Production Design by Brandon Clark and Honor Hamilton
Costume Design by Jordy Sheinberg
Hair/Makeup by Stephanie Nicole Smith with Alix Isom

Produced by Taylor Vandegrift & Harry Calbom
with Kenneth Casey Swoyer & Jesse Chamberlin Marble
Associate Producers: Matt Sanders and Larisa Peters
Production Company: Society
UPM: Justin Kappenstein
AD: Sam Shapson

Titles by Aron Filkey
Music by Mark Yaeger
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli
VFX: Ethos Studio
Sound Design by Josh Falcon
Choreography by Nicola Collie

Starring: Theo Martins as Drew
Nika de Carlo (voice) as Annie
Free Oribhabor as Danny
Alina Cutrona as Angela
Martha Marble as Cute Butt Baby
Jesse Marble as Cute Mom
Alix Isom as Cute Butt 2
Cole Carter as Cute Butt 3
Cindy Plotkin as Neighbor Butt 1
Justin Kappenstein as Neighborbutt 2
Stephen McNeely as Tai Chi 1
Jeremiah Benjamin as Tai Chi 2
Jess Weaver as Tai Chi 3
Tyson Carter as Tai Chi 4
Danny Lineaar as Tai Chi 5
Dexter McDaniel as Tai Chi Leader
August Chamberlin as Metal Dectorist
Kayslee Collins as Woman in Car
Waymond Lee as Other Drew
Gracyn Chamberlin as TP Kid 1
Rain Isacson as TP Kid 2
Elena Cambell-Martinez as Grandma
Shawheen Keyani as Mean Teen 1
Alix Isom as Mean Teen 2
Kevin Hall as Handsome Dog Boy
Circus Szalewksi as Dog Owner
Bryna Weiss as Bird Eater
Nicola Collie as Yellow Dress 1
Madaline Riley as Yellow Dress 2
Gina Gonzales as Yellow Dress 3
Lexi Clavell as Yellow Dress 4
Ashley Robicheaux as Yellow Dress 5
Erika Paget as Yellow Dress 6
Murphy Martin as Barista

1st AC: Connor Lambert & Jacob Perry
2nd AC: Nick Vannatta & Adam Hull
Steadicam Operator: Quaid Cde Baca
Drone Operator: Gabe de La Parra
Gaffer: Dave Vi Han
Best Boy Electric: Jorge Solares
Key Grip: Bobby Rose
Best Boy Grip: Arin Whitlock

Sound Mixer: Clint Allday
Boom Operator: Craig Littleton & Alan Arguelles

Set Costumer John Thompson
2nd Assist Makeup Carly Beck
SFX Makeup Haelee Guajardo
Locations Taylor Vandegrift
Motorhome Driver Alexander Bulinski
Camera: Eastside Rentals
Grip and Lighting: Hot Points Lighting
Production Supplies: First Run
Trucking: Quixote
Motorhome: Sully Supply
Business Affairs: Drew Becker
Production Assistant: Holiday Coles


UGH! A new short film written and directed by Jimmy Marble, coming soon

Produced by Taylor Vandegrift with Ways & Means

Starring Carly Foulkes and Nika de Carlo

official selection 2018 Tribeca Film Festival


Poor Cherries




Cantaloupe for Marc Jacobs

Cantaloupe for Marc Jacobs// Can You Do This? from jimmy marble on Vimeo.

Cantaloupe for Marc Jacobs//Archery from jimmy marble on Vimeo.

Cantaloupe for Marc Jacobs// Far Away from jimmy marble on Vimeo.