“Cling to Love” by The Subs

June 2014

Featuring Angela Trimbur and Graham Becket

Director: Jimmy Marble
Producer: Sage Price
Executive Producers: Jett Steiger and Lana Kim
Production Company: Ways & Means
Production Coordinator: Jake Breslaurer
DP: Eli Goldstein
Production Designer: Aron Filkey
Hair/Makeup: Sabrina Wilson
Stylist: Georgia Stockwell
1st AC: Erin Douglas
2nd AC: Skylar Boccio
Gaffer: Alvin Octoman
Key Grip: Joeseph Wagoner
Production Assistants: Lani Trock
On site chef: Colin Kohler
Colorist: Danny Reams

Lani Trock, Jake Breslaurer, and Joeseph Wagoner as the cloaked figures


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